Hurdles to obtain Deutsche Führerschein (Driving License) Part I

Considering a exponential increase in enthusiasts making application for Deutsche Führerschein for obvious reasons, we would like to point out some of the commonly faced hurdles during the application process in this post. In case if we miss any other, please comment or write us.

Hurdle 1: Name in Initials

Names with Initials on your driving license could be a pain in the ass if you have registered here (Rathaus anmeldung etc..) with your full name

No offence to parents who give us such beautiful and wonderful names that people outside our country bang their heads try reading or spelling it out. In case you have been one of those lovely parents son or daughter be careful regarding your name. Check if your name is completely spelled without initials for example John Kennedy Smith as J. K. Smith In that case you would probably get an objection or surprised what pose a question mark in the face not knowing whether the driving license belong to you or someone else. when you try to translate your native country driving license in to German

Solution: Submit a Certificate with full name particulars along with your documents

Get a bescheinigung (certificate) from your issuing authority of your driving license asking for Full Name Particulars. This document has serve the purpose of hint for the Holmes who is trying to solve the full name initials puzzle. There you have your full name and also Driving License number so that anyone who has it can match your driving license and your name. Uff yes, it’s tedious but you get your work done.

Hurdle 2: Date of Issue of your Driving License

Very likely when you plan to come abroad you get most of the required things done and also things that might come handy. One such thing is Driving license from your home country. This is concerning those people who thought it might get handy to pick up the driving license just before coming to Germany (for example 1 or 2 months before your arrival date) Well this doesn’t work for most cases as and when you try to apply for a Führerschein (Driving License) in your current city date of Issue would one of the many thing they check for eligibility for exchange/translation of your existing driving license. So, having a date of Issue very close to the arrival date into germany could also be a problem.

Solution: Moslty you would be very much required to make the process from scratch, forget that you have a driving license from your home country. Attending the mandatory theory classes at Farschüle (driving school) would be the only difference, not bad right ?

Hurdle 3: Period of Stay in Deutschland

Some Internet rumour (source article is not available, guess they also realized about it too) says, As stated “If your period of stay in Deutschland is more than 3 year or 36 months, you are supposed to make a new application but not a translation of your existing driving license from your home country” If in any case this rule applies, all the master students who generally would be completing the course in an avergae of 3 years even though have a driving license from your home country have to start fresh.

Solution: Are you worried, don’t be. It is not true as clarified from the officials until the date of issue and validity is good, you convert your native driving license into deutsche führerschein.


Hurdle 4: Classification of existing Driving License




To be continued…


bis später .. Tschüss..